In order to provide an honest and reliable service to your customers, as well as keeping up with trading standards, it is important to certify that your equipment is weighing accurately.

We hold calibration/service agreements with major industrial companies to visit their sites regularly and calibrate their equipment to government standards. These visits allow us to inspect the equipment and identify any potential issues, therefore saving downtime and essential lost revenue.

Scale calibration and certification either on site or on our site, from 1 gram to into the tonnes including all digital and mechanical scales. All test weights used are traceable to National Standards with certification. Our scale calibration service is available to customers who are looking for a reliable, established company to calibrate their industrial weighing machines, with pinpoint accuracy and precision. Our testing system is highly accurate and certified by ISO9001, your guarantee of accuracy from an independent Government body.

Why Calibrate Weighing Equipment?

Calibration is essentially an MOT for weighing scales. It involves a general inspection and servicing of your equipment to ensure accuracy is maintained moving forward. The accuracy of all scales will slowly degrade over time as a result of continuous use, There are also additional factors that could affect the readings provided such as electrical overloads, changes in climate, accidents and other events can all be detrimental to the performance of your weighing scales and this can eventually lead to inadequate readings being displayed on your measuring devices.

The calibration of scales is all about the confidence in the results of your measurement results. Calibrating your scales assures you that your measurements are accurate within the specification limits that led you to select the scale in the first place. Routine calibrations are the best way to ensure the continued health and performance of your weighing equipment.

All testing is carried out in a recognised best practice way as recommended by the UK Weighing Federation. Whether you own or hire your equipment, we can offer a competitively priced calibration service tailored to your individual requirements.

Whatever the make or model may be, rest assured that we can calibrate it for you to ensure the most accurate weighing results. We have a very strong reputation based on our skills, expertise and dedication to customer service. It is essential to calibrate weighing equipment to ensure the accuracy is as high as possible. We tailor our calibration service to meet the specific requirements of the client and offer some of the most competitive prices on the market so that you can be confident in the accuracy of your scales. Scale calibration should be carried out on a regular basis to combat wear and tear.


The main benefits of calibration are:

  • Maintaining highly accurate weight measurements
  • Ensuring your company adheres to all relevant regulations regarding the weight of products and other objects weighed
  • Avoiding financial penalties, legal action and complaints from customers
  • Maintaining a positive brand image by providing accurate product data to customers.

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