Our engineers with their experience are on hand to attend to any breakdowns. If the scale is beyond repair, we will advise on an alternative to suit your needs and requirements.

All good quality scales can be repaired and brought back into service ‘as good as new’. We are fully conversant with repairing all manner of scales, from the smallest to the largest.

We offer both an on-site and workshop repair service for all types of industrial weighing equipment. Our experienced team has access to a wide range of industrial weighing spare parts, manufactured by some of the industry’s biggest names. 

Our engineers will conduct repairs and restore your equipment to working order if able to do so, ensuring your scales function correctly and comply with national standards and regulations. Did you know you can send your weighing scales to us for repair? This is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing outright replacements. 

We are also happy for you to ship your scales to us. It can sometimes be more cost-effective to have smaller scales sent to us for calibration than the travel costs getting to site.

For on-site calibration services or repair, we cover the UK wide but are based in the South-West (we have jobs down in Cornwall, across to London and up to Cumbria). We have also previously done international jobs in Spain and Italy but at the moment these are on hold.

If you are out of our catchment area, we are happy for you to ship your scales to our unit, we can have weighers sent to us and calibrated which we have done in the past for smaller scales as this is sometimes more cost-effective than the travel costs getting to the site.

Emergency Call Outs are regular occurrences as we know not everything runs on a schedule! Emergency breakdowns and call outs are slotted in and usually completed within a few days of the initial enquiry (although this cannot be guaranteed).


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